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We are pursuing our life work to leave the birthing industry better than when we came into it. After our own traumatic experiences with birth and postpartum recovery, we felt like we weren’t heard. We wanted to make sure no one would have to feel that way on their journey and that is why we decided to train as doulas. 


If you are looking for someone to be in your corner of the birth room, we are your doulas. As ProDoula trained and certified doulas we provide unbiased and nonjudgmental support to people in pregnancy, birth and afterbirth. No matter how you decide to approach birth, it is our mission to offer support, guidance and education while instilling you with confidence. We are here to empower you to use your voice and tap into your innate wisdom in this magical and raw human experience.

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After a traumatic birth experience and significant postpartum depression and anxiety, Kelly felt called to become a doula herself. Although she would never wish it upon anyone, her postpartum period left her with a clear vision of her life’s purpose–helping women and their families feel supported through their pregnancy and the early days of parenting. Kelly trained with ProDoula in 2018 to become a Postpartum and Infant Care Doula and in 2019 she became a certified Labor Doula.

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Kelly lives with her husband and two small children. They also share their home with a pack of wild dogs and two black cats that tolerate her.

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She enjoys the rare Target run while sipping a Starbucks and 2020 brought her to love baking treats while listening to murder mysteries!

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Before becoming a doula, Kelly enjoyed a career on the legal side of law enforcement. She also got her Bachelor's in East Again Studies and Japanese language & even spent a year abroad in Japan!


Jeanna has always been everyone’s go-to for all things birth and babies. She was often asked to attend her friends and family members’ births. Some people are just born to be doulas and that is Jeanna. She feels it is her passion to provide gentle guidance and support to women and their families in the early days of parenting. Jeanna believes in empowering women to birth and parent their way. In 2019, she became certified in Postpartum, Infant Care and Labor through ProDoula. 

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Jeanna lives with her husband and four children. You can find her wrangling kids and chasing chickens all at the same time!

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Her house is "that house"–you know, the one where all the neighborhood kids come over to play. Just look for the bikes in the driveway.

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In her free time, Jeanna enjoys crafting with her girls, hiking outdoors, hanging out at the lake and traveling.


Together, Kelly and Jeanna are on a mission to break the stigma around normalizing birth related trauma. At Oakland Macomb Doula Services, it is our goal to ensure women feel empowered and heard during their birth and postpartum experience. 

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Having a doula present for your birth is a wonderful option for any expecting mother. Whether you are opting for an epidural, going unmedicated, planning a c-section or any combination thereof, we are here to walk with you on your unique birthing journey.

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