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If you are looking for someone to be in your corner of the birthing room, we are your doulas. We provide unbiased and nonjudgmental support to people in pregnancy, birth and after birth. No matter how you decide to approach birth, our goal is to offer support, guidance and education while instilling you with confidence and empower you to use your voice and tap into your innate wisdom in this magical and raw human experience.



We offer 24 Hour support from the moment you sign on with us.


Need help deciding if you need newborn size onesies or zero size onesies? Having a pain you aren’t sure about? Wondering if THIS is LABOR?!!! We definitely got you!


We are here for the big things, the little things and everything in between. When you hire us as your doulas you are also getting your new birthing besties.

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We are certified and trained doulas – we are essentially professional birth nerds, so you don’t have to be. Listen, we know the information is out there. You have your mother, co-worker, mom groups on Facebook, and Instagram influencers telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. As your doulas, we empower you to advocate for yourself. We are here to give you the information – the facts – so you can make decisions you are confident in based on what is good for your family. 


You deserve to be seen, heard and understood through pregnancy, childbirth and early parenthood. Our services are for every birthing person–whether you are getting an epidural, going for an unmedicated birth, planning a c-section or any combination thereof we will walk with you on your birthing journey. 



24/7 on call emotional/physical/educational support
1 prenatal/birth planning meeting 
Birth support 
24-hour check in post-birth call
1 week postpartum visit 



Labor Doula Services
12 Hours of Postpartum Services
Postpartum Hours to be used in 4-Hour daytime increments or 8-Hour overnight increments


  • In our prenatal meeting we unpack everything you have read and learned in the early days of your pregnancy. We can walk you through your thoughts, concerns and preferences. We help you build a birth plan that your provider will actually read and we will talk you through those not so fun parenting decisions you have to make in the early days.

  • As your labor doulas, we attend your birth. (Shocking, we know!) We show up when you need us, wherever you are. We guide and serve you throughout your labor and birth. With every deep breath, every chewed ice cube, every hip sway we will be by your side encouraging you, massaging you or just simply being there for you. We will facilitate communication between you and everyone on your birth team. We want you to know what is happening through every stage of labor. A sense of control in the midst of chaos can make all the difference in how you feel about your birthing experience.  There are many unknowns that come with birth, but we can be your constant. We can offer a sense of familiarity while navigating this incredible time in your life. Everyone wants a healthy mom and a healthy baby, but we want you to love your birth. We want to focus on your emotional health and sometimes it can be helpful to have someone there to listen who understands. Oh yeah, we can do a mean hip squeeze too! 

  • Once you have the baby, we give you a call 24 hours post birth. We like to hear how you and baby are doing, we mean actually HEAR you. 

  • A week or so after your birth we give you another visit. We try not to overstay our welcome, but we like to see how you are doing. After birth people tend to be super excited to meet the new baby but sometimes the mom feels like a mushy version of herself who is cramping and bleeding, sitting on an icepack and dealing with a flood of hormones. We like to visit HER. Of course, we want to help you out with any newborn care, questions you might have and smell that sweet newborn smell. But we still see that badass who just brought life into the world, even if she feels invisible. She is why we do what we do. 

"For any family looking for a kindhearted, present and wise doula – Jeanna is for you! I feel so lucky to have had her apart of our home birth experience. She is perfectly matched for her craft and was excellent picking up on my cues and knew exactly what I needed before I even voiced it. Having 2 medicated births prior, she was a tremendous help in talking me through the nerves of having a non-medicated birth. My husband and I were not the only ones who loved having her! She was amazing with our other children, as well as our newborn, and really made them feel a part of the process."

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