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The placenta is a temporary endocrine organ. It is the only organ that the body grows for a specific purpose and then discards itself upon completion. (What!? How cool is that!?)


Placenta Encapsulation involves drying, grinding, and placing placenta into capsules for consumption. The placenta is to be consumed ONLY by the person who birthed it.



  • Breastfeeding nourishment 

  • Postpartum mood support

  • Increased production of Oxytocin

  • Reduces stress hormones

  • Restores iron to the body from blood loss


You don’t have to be a “crunchy” or “woo-woo” mom to be interested in placenta encapsulation, it is for anyone who is curious. After all, your placenta nourishes your baby for almost 10 months, so it has to be amazing, right?!



The process takes about 2 days to complete and can be processed into capsules or a tincture. 


A tincture is made with a solvent (typically 80 or more proof alcohol) used to extract the properties of the placenta. (Vanilla extract is a tincture)

At OMDS we use a traditional method and preparation based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. The process of creating both capsules and a tincture happens over a two day period. 


The client is responsible for transporting the placenta to their home where it will be processed. Instructions on how to do so will be given at signing of contract.


  • Day 1 includes deep sanitation of the work area, preparing the placenta, steaming, and placing the placenta in the dehydrator provided by the doula, where it will remain in the clients home overnight. We are also able to create a keepsake if the client wishes to have one (a print or cord art) After the doula completes the process an additional sanitation will follow. 

  • Day 2 begins with a deep sanitation. Following, the doula will come to grind the placenta, make tincture, and encapsulate the remainder of the placenta. When all placenta is encapsulated and placed into a jar, another deep sanitation will be done. The doula will go over all instructions for consumption and storage before their departure.

"For any family looking for a kindhearted, present and wise doula – Jeanna is for you! I feel so lucky to have had her apart of our home birth experience. She is perfectly matched for her craft and was excellent picking up on my cues and knew exactly what I needed before I even voiced it. Having 2 medicated births prior, she was a tremendous help in talking me through the nerves of having a non-medicated birth. My husband and I were not the only ones who loved having her! She was amazing with our other children, as well as our newborn, and really made them feel a part of the process."

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